What ECB Governor Lagarde, Trump and U.K. MPC member Haskel spoke about?

What ECB Governor Lagarde, Trump and U.K. MPC member Haskel spoke about?

During this week, everyone has observed that Trump and Lagarde came to comment on current economic situation without prior scheduled events. After such events followed by market volatility gets over then traders came to know about the reason behind such volatility.

Important comments from ECB President Lagarde:

  • Lagarde: EU recovery deal is important, it shows solidarity.
  • Lagarde: The balance could have been better but it’s an ambitious package.
  • Lagarde: The baseline growth forecast is probably in the right place.
  • Lagarde: This recovery is uneven and uncertain.

In short she talked about leading the Euro Zone’s monetary policy and how the new shape of the post – COVID – 19 global Economy will affect job security, public health/safety and de – globalization.

Important comments from Trump:

  • Pfizer and Biontech announce an agreement with U.S. government for up to 600 million doses of MRNA – based vaccine candidate against SARS – CoV – 2.
  • U.S. will increase more Covid – 19 test to prevent severe health conditions of the citizens.
  • Nursing home will receive additional $5B for betterment.
  • 15,000 rapid diagnostic devises which takes 5 min – 15 min and give accurate results. U.S. is going to give such devices all across the country too.
  • To control Covid – 19 infections is the most priority for U.S.A.

Important Comments from U.K. MPC member Haskel’s speech

  • BoE Haskel: The path of the U.K.’s recovery also depends on the fear, or realization, of unemployment.
  • BoE Haskel: The path of recovery crucially depends therefore on the fear of infection.
  • BoE Haskel: I am concerned about the economy getting stuck and recovering only slowly and undershooting the inflation target.
  • BoE Haskel: I have voted for more accommodative monetary policy. I am concerned about the economy “getting stuck” and recovering only slowly and undershooting the inflation target.

Moreover, all the countries are putting their best to boost the economy and now Covid – 19 vaccine is the only hope for all.

Take a look and do trade wisely!

Good Luck

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