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Vertex FX Trader An Award winning Trading Platform

About VertexFX

VertexFX is a comprehensive platform with all its components for the Back Office, Client trading stations, and server sides intended for Market Makers, Clearing Houses, Brokerage Firms, and Dealing Rooms.


We used more than ten different languages and tools to develop our trading front ends and communication content and to deliver them as a single package called VertexFX Trader. The product guarantees flexibility, reliability, and security, and has shown excellent availability in all versions.


Our fast development and customization, provided with professionalism and support for trading systems, create a solid ground for real partnerships that allow businesses to grow and prosper.

We have adopted the latest technologies and international standards to develop our forex online trading platform,

Benefits of Vertex FX Trader

Best Online Trading Platform

VertexFX Trader is an online trading solution rather than simply a trading platform. It enables you to perform every strategy and fulfills all your requirements.

A Complete Package To Meet All Your Needs

VertexFX Trader is a real turn-key trading solution for every business model whether Margin Trading, Binary Options, or Physical Delivery, delivered all in one solution to the trader in one account.

No Extra To Pay For Plugins - They’re Part of the Deal

It is supported by hundreds of third-party plugins that have been developed by experienced and independent technology firms and individuals. Being an open-source solution allows almost every type of integration.

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Client Competitive Features

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Advanced Scripting Language:

Along with the standard client-side scripting capabilities, Vertex FX Trader offers Server-side scripting as well which most of the expert traders are looking for.

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Web Trader Index:

An easy and user-friendly HTML-based online help for traders.

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One-click Trading Screen:

You can Buy/Sell market, Place Limits and Stops, Close Orders, add TP/SL, cancel orders, Hedge positions each in one click, rather than the ability to monitor the market movement, with a new market watch style, monitor your symbol net trade, and symbol tick chart, all on one screen, in a creative style.

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Readymade Net-Trade Panel:

The Net Trade Panel shows the net open positions with the details of each opened (Buy/Sell) Symbol

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Vertex Binary Trading Options:

Introducing the VertexFX new web-based Binary Options for clients which comes with great features and advantages, allowing binary trading from anywhere anytime.

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Readymade SMS Service:

You can use VertexFX SMS Service whenever you want to announce urgent news to your client or things like Account statements, Prices, or Alerts on the execution of orders etc.

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Partial Order Management:

VertexFX Trader allows the trader to manage the orders opening and closing in multiple ways, so if you open an order in some amount, you do not have to close it using SL/TP orders as total amount only. VertexFX Trader allows you to partially close it with the feature called “Partial Order Management”.

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Vertex Physical Trading:

In order to simplify physical trading and set up an international level trade association for representing physical tradable instruments, and for achieving an overall growth of bullion trade and industry, Vertex has set up a Physical Trading Market.


Back Office Competitive Features

Vertex to Vertex Bridge:

No need for a third party! With API support to implement with non-Vertex platforms.

Multi-level Management:

Get Multi-level Symbol Setting, Parameter Setting, Accounts Tree Management, etc. options of Vertex Multi-level Management will allow the admin to control various accounts in a smooth and creative manner.

VBL Smart Dealer Application:

VBL Smart Dealer plugin is a script written in VBL Language of the VertexFX Bridge application that handles all incoming orders automatically.

Mobile App

Vertex FX Trader Lite Mobile App for Android and iOS

VertexFX State-of-the-art Online Trading Platform available for your Smart devices in a new shape!

VertexFX Lite version mobile trader is your tool to trade Forex, Stock markets, bullion with exceptional speed. Use the VetrtexFX Lite trader application to connect to your trading account and get the latest livestock prices and currency quotes.

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