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InstrumentDescriptionContract SizeLeverage (up to)Typical SpreadTransaction lot size Min/MaxExecution
EURUSDEuro / US DollarEUR 100,0001:5000.30.01/50Market
GBPUSDBritish Pound / US DollarGBP 100,0001:5000.50.01/50Market
USDJPYUS Dollar / Japanese YenUS$ 100,0001:5000.30.01/50Market
USDCHFUS Dollar / Swiss FrancUS$ 100,0001:5000.50.01/50Market
USDCADUS Dollar / Canadian DollarUS$ 100,0001:5000.90.01/50Market
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar / US DollarAUD 100,0001:5000.40.01/50Market
NZDUSDNew Zealand / US DollarNZD 100,0001:5000.80.01/50Market
InstrumentDescriptionContract SizeLeverage (upto)Typical SpreadTransaction lot size Min/MaxExecution
AUDCADAustralian Dollar / Canadian DollarAUD 100,0001:5000.90.01/20Market
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar / Swiss FrancAUD 100,0001:5000.90.01/20Market
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar / Japanese YenAUD 100,0001:5000.50.01/20Market
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar / New Zealand DollarAUD 100,0001:5000.80.01/20Market
AUDSGDAustralian Dollar / Singapore DollarAUD 100,0001:5002.40.01/20Market
CADCHFCanadian Dollar / Swiss FrancCAD 100,0001:5001.10.01/20Market
CADJPYCanadian Dollar / Japanese YenCAD 100,0001:5000.80.01/20Market
CHFJPYSwiss Franc / Japanese YenCHF 100,0001:5001.10.01/20Market
EURAUDEuro / Australian DollarEUR 100,0001:5001.10.01/20Market
EURCADEuro / Canadian DollarEUR 100,0001:5001.20.01/20Market
EURCHFEuro / Swiss FrancEUR 100,0001:5001.10.01/20Market
EURGBPEuro / British PoundEUR 100,0001:5000.90.01/20Market
EURJPYEuro / Japanese YenEUR 100,0001:5000.60.01/20Market
EURNZDEuro /New Zealand DollarEUR 100,0001:5001.40.01/20Market
GBPAUDBritish Pound / Australian DollarGBP 100,0001:5001.50.01/20Market
GBPCADBritish Pound / Canadian DollarGBP 100,0001:5002.40.01/20Market
GBPCHFBritish Pound / Swiss FrancGBP 100,0001:5001.20.01/20Market
GBPJPYBritish Pound / Japanese YenGBP 100,0001:5001.10.01/20Market
GBPNZDBritish Pound /New Zealand DollarGBP 100,0001:5001.90.01/20Market
GBPSEKBritish Pound / Sweden KronaGBP 100,0001:50025.00.01/20Market
GBPSGDBritish Pound / Singapore DollarGBP 100,0001:5002.30.01/20Market
NZDCADNew Zealand Dollar / Canadian DollarNZD 100,0001:5000.90.01/20Market
NZDCHFNew Zealand Dollar / Swiss FrancNZD 100,0001:5000.80.01/20Market
NZDJPYNew Zealand Dollar / Japanese YenNZD 100,0001:5000.70.01/20Market
EURPLNEuro / Polish ZłotyEUR 100,0001:50013.70.01/10Market
EURSEKEuro / Sweden KronaEUR 100,0001:5008.00.01/10Market
EURSGDEuro / Singapore DollarEUR 100,0001:5002.40.01/10Market
EURTRYEuro / Turkish LiraEUR 100,0001:50028.20.01/10Market
USDDKKUS Dollar / Danish KroneUSD 100,0001:5006.40.01/10Market
USDNOKUS Dollar / Norway KroneUSD 100,0001:50023.70.01/10Market
USDPLNUS Dollar / Polish ZłotyUSD 100,0001:50012.40.01/10Market
USDSEKUS Dollar / Sweden KronaUSD 100,0001:5000.70.01/10Market
USDSGDUS Dollar / Singapore DollarUSD 100,0001:5000.60.01/10Market
USDTRYUS Dollar / Turkish LiraUSD 100,0001:50012.90.01/10Market
USDZARUS Dollar / South African RandUSD 100,0001:50078.00.01/10Market
InstrumentDescriptionContract SizeLeverage (up to)Typical SpreadTransaction lot size Min/MaxOrders Level
XAUUSDGOLD / USD100oz1:5000.80.01/20Market
XAUEURGOLD / EURO100oz1:5000.480.01/20Market
XAGUSDSILVER / USD5,000oz1:5000.30.01/20Market
InstrumentDescriptionContract SizeLeverage (up to)Typical SpreadTransaction lot size Min/MaxOrder Type
AUS2000Australia Cash Index101:5005 EUR0.10/20Market
CHNINDChinese Cash Index11:5002.5 USD0.10/20Market
US30Dow Jones Industrial Average Cash Index101:50010 USD0.01/20Market
EU50Euro Stoxx 50 Cash Index101:50010 EUR0.10/20Market
FRA40CAC40 Cash Index101:5005 EUR0.10/20Market
GER30German DAX30 Cash Index251:50012.5 EUR0.10/20Market
HKINDHong Kong Cash Index501:50050 HKD0.10/20Market
ITA40Italy 40 Cash Index51:50025 EUR0.10/20Market
JAP225Japan NIKKEI 225 Cash Index5001:5002,500 YEN0.10/20Market
US100NYSE US 100 Cash Index201:5005 USD0.01/20Market
US500SP 500 Cash Index501:50012.5 USD0.01/20Market
SGXSINGSingapore 281001:5005 SGD0.10/20Market
SWE30Sweden 301001:5001 SEK0.10/20Market
SUI20Swiss 20 Cash Index101:50010 CHF0.10/20Market
SGXTAITaiwan 881001:50010 USD0.10/20Market
TECH30Tech DAX101:5005 EUR0.10/20Market
UK100FTSE 100 Cash Index101:5005 GBP0.10/20Market
US2000US 2000 Cash Index10001:5005 USD0.10/20Market
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