TP Global FX is an award winning, reputable America’s multinational data centre firm that caters services to major financial firms. TP Global FX Internet Business Exchange (IBX) is the world’s largest data centre and colocation provider, which interlinks key financial players such as banks, liquidity providers (LPs), financial brokers, clients, etc.

To secure the fastest connections and to deliver the Best Bid-Offer (BBO) pricing for our clients, TP Global FX has secured three data centres in London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3).

Benefits of using TP Global FX:

  • Optimized low latency connection to our major LPs.
  • Reduced server downtime. Employs durable infrastructure, backup facilities, and reliable experts.
  • Securing the milliseconds of data transfer for stable forex order execution.
  • Data centre located in three major financial hubs.
  • Added security to countermeasure potential threats.

Liquidity Providers (LPs)

Liquidity providers are groups of large banks and other non-banking financial institutions that connects with orders from our clients. With the increasing supply of price quotes, it helps to drive down the bid-ask spread and the commission for traders. Moreover, high liquidity allows traders to instantly execute their orders at their ideal quotes, without a severe delay.

To consolidate the incoming pricing data from several LPs, we use a liquidity bridge (or simply a “bridge”) system. Bridge is a software that functions as intermediary between the LPs and TP Global FX’ MT4 trading platform.

Using our bridge system and wide networks of LPs, we are able to provide our clients with True ECN pricing.